Environmental Control


Groundwater resource management is an important part of any industrialized operation. The upstream, midstream and downstream activities have the potential to further cause contamination of the already scarce resources. The water table levels in geographic locations, where these activities are carried out is always at risk. The environmental impact for future generations must be controlled.

Benefits AT a Glance :

  • Absorbent is 28 X more absorbent than clay granules.
  • The absorbent in our kits absorbs 15 X its own weight.
  • The absorbent is natural and approved by CEDRE.
  • The absorbent can be reused up to 3 times and 95% of oil can be recovered.
  • 95% of the absorption takes place in the first 15 minutes.
  • 2LBS of granules absorb 4 Gal of oils or water-based substances.
  • One 4lb granular absorbent bag is the same as a 25lb bag of clay absorbent. Lighter to carry.
  • The absorbent does not cause dust and does not require breathing precautions.
  • The universal absorbent is suitable for most industrial applications.
  • Oil only absorbents, absorb any kind of oil and repel water.
  • The kits can be made any size with multiple options.